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The early stages of your baby’s life will be accompanied by many large pieces of equipmentwhich will hold and entertain them while you do daily chores or take a well deserved break. Most swings will hold an infant from newborn until 25 pounds – that being said, most parents stop using the swing at around 6-7 months as baby is more awake, active, and no longer requires the constant movement of a swing.

Swings will provide a continual rocking motion that many babies seem to want from your arms all day. These units will have several speeds, possible options of music and several reclining positions. As baby gets heavier, the motor on the swing has to work harder so try to buy one with several speeds, allowing longevity of use. Chances are you will use this item with a newborn so ensure it has a good recline otherwise your baby's head will fall forward. Most swings either plug in or are battery operated, and some have both.

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